Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Again

It is so good to be home!  In 11 hours, I will be holding B and Smoochie in my arms again!  The amount of information we learned at the Autism One conference is overwhelming.  A good kind of overwhelming.  I could go deep into the science, but my brain is mush.  So, I'll share just some of the lighter things I learned:

1. Avocados can be made into delish chocolate pudding!

2. There are more than 5 senses and B has issues with senses I didn't even know existed.  Vestibular?!?  
     Awesome speakers on Sensory Processing Disorder!

3. I so admire and look up to the parents who are finding cures to their children's autism.  They are some of the strongest people I have the privilege of knowing.

4. Jenny McCarthy is a fantastic speaker and advocate for her child.

5. Dr. Wakefield is a hero.

6. Biomedical treatment is unfairly scrutinized.  It has amazing results and makes much more sense than  
     pysch. drugs.  Well, I didn't just learn this...look at B's results!

7. There is such a thing as gluten free, casein free, soy free chocolate chips and soon I will have 4 bags delivered to me :)

8. Bryson's behavior issues are caused by too much sensory stimulation.  So, when he asks for a tent or a really long bath, he really just wants to block out everything for a while.  Hmmmm......maybe I have SPD....

9. Erik and I make a really great team.  He is my rock and my best friend.  We are very lucky to have each others support and love.

10. Cooking for B is tough work, but you know what?  It's not near as hard as not seeing his little face and getting lovies from Jilly for a week.  I will spend 12 hours in the kitchen if it means B & J will be playing at my feet.

* I called B today and said, "You have one more night night time at Grandma's, then we're coming to get you."  He replied with this, "ALRIGHT!!!!  Mom, that was a really long meeting."  I agree.

10 hours and 32 minutes....then all will be right with my world.


  1. Isn't it good to get back? It's wild, crazy, and hairy in our home and yet, I miss these little dirty faces looking up at me when I am gone.

    And yes, there are some really good GF/CF/SF chocolate chips. Whole Foods and our local natural food store carries some that are AWESOME! I keep them on hand for cookies, ice cream toppings, and so on. (and yes, there are GF/CF/SF ice creams that are good as well)

    Dr. Wakefield was on Dateline last night. We don't have NBC on our stations, so I will be huluing and looking around the net for it. If he did nothing else, he opened the worlds eyes to the damage that's done to our childrens bodies on a deeper level. He's gotten a bad rap in a big way for a lot of petty and disgusting reasons.

    Enjoy your kids. Kiss them, hug them, and make sure that you know you are a great Mom. You do more for your kids to make sure they can be the best they can be than many other Moms would ever consider doing.

  2. OFIH, You are so encouraging to me. Thank you! I'm so glad to get back in touch with you :)

  3. Blush... me too. I have thought of you often and didn't know how to get in touch. Glad I found your blog.