Saturday, May 15, 2010


I get a big F for this morning.  Supplements are absolutely necessary for B.  Getting him to take supplements is verrrry difficult.  This morning I lost my cool and found out you can not place the pill in B's mouth and expect him to swallow it.  Huge fits and tantrums took place....from both of us.  I asked B's forgiveness and he took some vitamin A drops (which he hates).  I think we need to keep looking for a C supplement that is easier to take.  Sometimes I wish they made 'pill shooters' for kids like they do for animals.

Today I'm attempting to cook a weeks worth of food and snacks for B.  He is going to have a blast with his Grandma Judy while we are in Chicago.  Chicago!  We are going to the Autism One Conference to learn about special diets and sensory disorders.  I hope we gain some good tips and I hope somebody tells us how to get our Super Sensory kid to take his vitamins.

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