Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. B had taco shells out of order and off his rotation.
2. He had dum dum suckers two days in a row...oops make that three.
3. He did not take all his supplements last night...and skipped vitamins C, A, and calcium tonight.  He is not    feeling well and had a hard enough time with the probiotic.
4. I did not hold my cyber tongue and lashed out at somebody...then quickly erased my temper before I hit send.
5. I harbored resentment toward this person...then was very humbled by her apology.
6. I let B watch A LOT of television today.  
7. B and J had cereal for lunch.  It was organic with almond milk...that makes it okay...right?
8. Jilly is sick too.  She slept most of the day and I spent the afternoon on the computer and not cleaning out the bathroom cupboard like I had planned.  
9. It has been approximately one and a half weeks since I worked on the alphabet with B...and we are only ready for letter E.
10. I haven't wiped down my kitchen counters yet.
11. I did not exercise.  

What I did do today:
1.I spent an incredible early morning time studying and journaling my prayers to God. 
2. I stripped the sheets in B's room and ran 2 loads of laundry. 
3. I listened to the love of my life practice a speech he will be giving tomorrow night.  He is an amazing advocate for B and others like him.  I am so proud. 
4.  I spent the evening holding my sick babies while they fitfully slept.  

I've been beating myself over 1 through 11.  But, you know what?  At the end of this day, my four accomplishments filled my heart....well, maybe not #2, but 1,3, and 4 I wouldn't have traded for anything.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Rainbow for B

Just the other day, I was making dinner and B was rattling on about colors.  I asked him what color was his favorite and he said, "green, and blue....and white....and..."  I told him that it is okay to like all the colors because when they are put together, they make a beautiful rainbow.  He got quiet for a moment, looked a little sad, then said, "Mom, I've never seen a rainbow."  I replied, "I'm sure God will show you one very soon."  I can't remember if he prayed for one or if that is where the conversation left off.

The very next day, the sky was sunny and clear.  We were running errands in the van.  Suddenly, it began to sprinkle.  It was one of those gentle mists on a hot day that are always welcome.  As the rain let up, we looked to the sky and there was a gorgeous rainbow.  B was in awe!  "Mommy!  That is a beautiful rainbow!"  Then, "That was so nice of God to send me a rainbow!"

Sometimes, it's hard to comprehend that God could love us, as individuals.  That he could love me, know what I need, know the desires of my heart.  This was just the reminder I needed.  God sent my son a rainbow.  A big, colorful, in the sky for everyone to see rainbow and He sent it to B, a little boy.  I am blown away by His goodness and His faithfulness.

That night during our evening prayers, I asked B if there was anything he would like to pray about.  Sometimes he does, sometimes not but he always asks for a prayer.  That evening he said, "Yes.  Dear God, thank you for sending me a rainbow."   Thank you, God, for sending me B.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Preparing for Preschool

B is going to preschool next month.  Preschool!  I'm a little excited, a little nervous and, well, a little sad.  With preschool comes physicals (ugh)  and dental appointments (double ugh).  We have been avoiding the dentist for four years now.  Little man lets me floss his teeth and he's a regular brusher.  I've not been too worried about his dental health.  I made the appointment today with a pediatric dentist and my conversation went a little something like this:
 Receptionist: Is there anything we should know about Bryson?
Me: Umm, he has sensory processing disorder.  He may be a little difficult.
Receptionist: Does he have any allergies we should be aware of?
Me: (how do I answer this?) Yes and the fluoride treatment is out for him.
Receptionist:  Why?  Is he allergic to fluoride?
Me: (Why didn't I just say yes?)  No, he has aluminum in his brain.

The receptionist must have thought I am completely off my rocker.  I'm sure she expects us to come waltzing in with tin foil hats.  But the truth is fluoride and aluminum are a bad bad bad bad combination. I am not looking forward to this.  B panics when we cut his hair.  What will he do with the electric tooth polisher buzzing around inside his mouth?  Seriously, the health department should cut parents of children with SPD a little slack.

B also has to have his ears checked to attend preschool.  We tried that already.  We could not get the headphones over his ears.  B panicked, went into fight and flight, and the nurse gave up.  How do I get past that on his health form?

This is all a frustrating process.  It should be no big deal, but to B things like this are huge stressors.  I really hope these medical professionals have a little knowledge and experience with SPD or we could be in for a wild time.