Monday, July 12, 2010

A Rainbow for B

Just the other day, I was making dinner and B was rattling on about colors.  I asked him what color was his favorite and he said, "green, and blue....and white....and..."  I told him that it is okay to like all the colors because when they are put together, they make a beautiful rainbow.  He got quiet for a moment, looked a little sad, then said, "Mom, I've never seen a rainbow."  I replied, "I'm sure God will show you one very soon."  I can't remember if he prayed for one or if that is where the conversation left off.

The very next day, the sky was sunny and clear.  We were running errands in the van.  Suddenly, it began to sprinkle.  It was one of those gentle mists on a hot day that are always welcome.  As the rain let up, we looked to the sky and there was a gorgeous rainbow.  B was in awe!  "Mommy!  That is a beautiful rainbow!"  Then, "That was so nice of God to send me a rainbow!"

Sometimes, it's hard to comprehend that God could love us, as individuals.  That he could love me, know what I need, know the desires of my heart.  This was just the reminder I needed.  God sent my son a rainbow.  A big, colorful, in the sky for everyone to see rainbow and He sent it to B, a little boy.  I am blown away by His goodness and His faithfulness.

That night during our evening prayers, I asked B if there was anything he would like to pray about.  Sometimes he does, sometimes not but he always asks for a prayer.  That evening he said, "Yes.  Dear God, thank you for sending me a rainbow."   Thank you, God, for sending me B.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4


  1. That is absolutely the sweetest story. I love when God shows Himself to our children in a way that speaks to their hearts.

  2. I love that story. God is so good at showing his faithfulness to children in awesome ways that no one can match.