Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. B had taco shells out of order and off his rotation.
2. He had dum dum suckers two days in a row...oops make that three.
3. He did not take all his supplements last night...and skipped vitamins C, A, and calcium tonight.  He is not    feeling well and had a hard enough time with the probiotic.
4. I did not hold my cyber tongue and lashed out at somebody...then quickly erased my temper before I hit send.
5. I harbored resentment toward this person...then was very humbled by her apology.
6. I let B watch A LOT of television today.  
7. B and J had cereal for lunch.  It was organic with almond milk...that makes it okay...right?
8. Jilly is sick too.  She slept most of the day and I spent the afternoon on the computer and not cleaning out the bathroom cupboard like I had planned.  
9. It has been approximately one and a half weeks since I worked on the alphabet with B...and we are only ready for letter E.
10. I haven't wiped down my kitchen counters yet.
11. I did not exercise.  

What I did do today:
1.I spent an incredible early morning time studying and journaling my prayers to God. 
2. I stripped the sheets in B's room and ran 2 loads of laundry. 
3. I listened to the love of my life practice a speech he will be giving tomorrow night.  He is an amazing advocate for B and others like him.  I am so proud. 
4.  I spent the evening holding my sick babies while they fitfully slept.  

I've been beating myself over 1 through 11.  But, you know what?  At the end of this day, my four accomplishments filled my heart....well, maybe not #2, but 1,3, and 4 I wouldn't have traded for anything.

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