Monday, August 2, 2010

Smart plan with a Dum Dum

I am sooo excited to have found a way to get B to take his chewable supplements!  He loathes them.  We call them candy medicine thinking we can trick his brain.  He calls them yuck.  We've done everything to get him to take them.  We've begged, we've punished, we've paid him money.  Yes, we paid him.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?  So, my brilliant idea for the evening?  Fun Dip.  We pulverized the tablets.  Vitamin C, 2 calciums and a multi yielded to the mortar and pestle.  Then I gave him a Dum Dum (this is where the plan has its flaws) and showed him how he could pick up the powder with the lollipop.  He finished his vitamins with no sensory discomfort.  Hooray!  Despite the sugar and the risk of developing a Dum Dum allergy, I'm happy.  Maybe I need to order a few different organic lollies so I can rotate them.  Hmmm...
Just two nights ago B and I prayed that God make taking his supplements easier for him.  God is good :)


  1. If you have a Trader Joes they have natural/organic ones. I've gotten them for my kids before and they're good... I had to taste test.

  2. I really wish we did. I'm considering moving states just for Trader Joes ;). Our DAN orders lollipops from somewhere, I might have to ask his nurse where they get them from.
    ...welcome to my blog :)