Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mr. Social?!? Hooray!

B has always been shy and overwhelmed in large crowds of people.  Family reunions were always rough.  The stimulation and all the people usually resulted in a massive meltdown.  Every Sunday, at church, he sticks close to my legs as we walk through the foyer greeting our church family.  He has to be prompted to say 'hello' while Jilly runs ahead of us offering hugs and smiles.

As I've mentioned before, B is changing.  Good things are happening.  He's growing up and getting healthier.  Today, he walked in the church doors with his good friend.  He gave a high five to the greeter.  He, Jilly, and I then found our seats.  We sang praises to God.  B danced a little.  Jilly belted out a melody.  Then came the greet song.  B walked ahead of me finding people to shake hands with.  He was grabbing hands right and left whether the people being greeted were ready or not. :)  Big smile on his face.  He hugged his friend's older sisters.  He LOVES his friend's older sisters.  Jilly and I made our way back to our pew, but B was still in the crowd shaking hands and smiling his charming smile.  He continued greeting till the song was over.  My shy little guy was suddenly Mr. Social.

Later in the service, I had to get up to change Jilly's diaper.  I asked B if he would like to come.  He chose to stay by himself in the pew.  By himself!  Who is this child?  The children were called to Children's Church while I was still helping Jilly.  B got up by himself and followed his friends to the classroom.

My heart is overspilling with joy at the little boy B is growing into.  He's becoming confident and responsible. He is joyful, helpful, loving, good-natured.

This week, his former Sunday School teacher mentioned to me how well he is doing.  She told me that when we first attended (a year and a half ago) B would go into meltdown mode.  He would scream for me and run out of the classroom toward the stairs.  He didn't know how to interact with the other kids.  He would play next to them, but didn't quite know how to play with them.  Now, she said, he is doing really great and he's just like any other 5 year old boy.  That was music to my ears.  I see the changes, but it is so nice when somebody else points them out to me.  God has been so faithful.  His healing is nothing short of miraculous.

If you are reading this and you share a love for this awesome God, would mind offering up a prayer?  For continued healing for B.  For permanent allowance of biomedical treatment in this country.  For life changing supplements not to be outlawed.  For other children who have similar health issues as B.  For the parents of these children.  For the mainstream medical community to recognize and embrace the treatments that have helped so many.  For the cause of these afflictions to be brought to light.  Thank you!  God hears our prayers.  I know He has heard my many prayers.  B is living proof.

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  1. It's a week for miracle stories, isn't it!!! Praising God for His miracle working in your lives. Praying for continued work, for all the parents out there like us who love their kids so much through all of this, for all doctors to start to GET IT, and for B.