Thursday, July 7, 2011


**Warning***Warning**Warning***Vent About to Ensue****

We started the GAPS intro this week.  This is day 3.  I'm having yeast die off so am cranky.  B is having yeast die off so he is cranky.  Jilly is cranky because we are cranky.  The dog is happy.  She is loving the leftovers.  Erik is just finishing up his 80 hr week, so he's lucky to have missed the storm.

Honestly, I don't know if I can do this.  I feel like I haven't spent time with the kids, sufficient time in the Word, or time tending to other tasks around the house.  I have been in the kitchen all day, every day.  Chopping, boiling, thawing meat, fermenting, preparing meals, heating foods, cleaning the kitchen...only to start all over again.  I did manage to exercise for the first time this week.  It's my one hour of something just for me.  I wish I could manage to exercise everyday but I am overwhelmed with everything that has to be done.

Still tonight, I have a chicken boiling, produce to wash and put away from 2 days ago, the kitchen to clean, dishes to do, and huge messes around the house to tackle because the kids have been running amok while I've been in the kitchen.  How did our ancestors do this?  There was a time when everything was made from scratch.  Maybe it was different because there were no food allergies?  I feel like I'm failing this whole GAPS thing and it's only day 3.  Or I'm excelling at the GAPS and failing my family and all the other tasks I need to attend to.  If I can't find a balance, we'll have to scrap this and go back to the rotation.

GAPS is supposed to heal and seal the gut lining to keep food particles from leaking out.  This would decrease/eliminate an IgG response.  Which would decrease B's food allergies.  It sounds great if it's doable.  I've lost two pounds in 3 days from giving up sugar and grains, my ears have stopped itching, and my tummy hasn't bloated every time I eat.  B has been eating like crazy, but getting him to drink the broth has not been a good experience.  Today for lunch, he 2 helpings of elk/squash casserole (minus the squash) and some broccoli.  Twenty minutes later I caught him sneaking a buffalo burger out of the fridge. "I thought I'd take this for a little snack."  Forty minutes later, he asks for more casserole.  He had some cooked carrots throughout the day to keep his blood sugar stabilized.  Hopefully this will help him gain a little weight, too.

If there are any veteran GAPS people out there, please offer any helpful hints.  I'm drowning in stuff that needs to be done and the tasks are piling up fast!  I think I'm going to skip the messes, put the chicken in the fridge, leave the produce on the counter for one more day, and call it a night.

Vent over.  I feel much better.  Almost.  I REALLY WANT CHOCOLATE!!!  Okay, now I'm really done.


  1. I am not a GAPS veteran. But I have this great Healer and Father that loves me so much and I was told He loves you just as much. I am going to Him right now on your behalf, sweetie.

  2. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate you. Sometimes I forget that God is bigger than all this and I just need to take it to Him. Thank you for the reminder and the prayer.

  3. WOW! Tiffiny, I am impressed you did that whole vent without one curse word :) You have been a busy Momma! GAPS sounds pretty wise. God will show you the steps to take.

  4. Sounds so overwhelming. Sorry, Tiff! It's always something that makes us mamas feel this way. I'm glad to see that you're going off of it--if nothing else for the sake of your sanity, friend! Love ya :-)