Friday, July 1, 2011

Counting and Curriculum

After lots of fretting, changing my mind, searching, and praying, I finally decided on a curriculum for B.  We are going to be using Heart of Dakota.  Partly because it looks fun and interesting for B and mostly because it looks easy to follow and fun for me!  Check it out at

I had ordered Little Hands to Heaven for ages 2 to 5.  I knew B had difficulty counting, with fine motor, and with his alphabet.  This curriculum would revisit these subjects and I could combine Jilly and B together with the lessons tailoring up or down as needed.  The curriculum arrived last week.  Guess what happened this week?  B counted to 14 like it was nothing, he names the letters of the alphabet (including the weird ones, like Q) and the sounds those letters make. Also, he painted his name with very controlled brush strokes.  Something's changing in B and it is wonderful!  I think I'm going to order Little Hearts for His Glory and use the math, reading, and writing for B and use the LHTH as written for both kids.  Then, I can use LHFHG next year, too, with advanced options.

Back to counting...this is a huge deal!  When B was 2, he could count to 9.  Well, he would skip 8, but not bad for 2.  As he began to regress, he lost this skill.  All this year in preschool, I could not get him to count to 10.  He would become confused and embarrassed.  Jilly was counting to 12 and I know that bothered him.  He wouldn't join in when she wanted him to count with her.  I'd ask him to fill in a missing number and he'd say "Ummm.....I don't want to."  Counting to 14...hooray!  And he can recognize his numbers!

I'm getting excited for this school year.  I can't wait to see how much B and Jilly grow!  I can't wait to watch B's eyes light up when reading 'clicks' for him.  That was always my favorite part of teaching when I was a practicing teacher.  What a gift this is to me and my children.  This curriculum is very Christ centered.  I think I will learn as much, if not more, while using it.  To be on this journey with my kids....what a blessing!

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  1. LHTH is a wonderful curriculum. I think you guys will really like it.

    I know that feeling of losing counting skills. Our older son could count to 10 and knew all his letters by sight. I remember it was almost a party trick for him to walk in and rattle off any letters he found because people were so astonished he could do it. Then that fateful day hit and it was gone. It was sooo hard to teach those skills to him again. He's gaining them back (biomed and God took care of that) and hopefully will continue to progress. But it's wild that we have to reteach what they already had BA (before Autism).