Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little seed planted...

This afternoon, B and I were working on his verse for Cubbies.  Matthew 1:21 "......He will save his people from their sins."  B knows what sin is.  We've had this discussion before.  I explained sin again.  Then we had this conversation:
Me: Do you know who He is.
B: Jesus.
Me: How did he save his people?
B: He died on the cross.
Me: Right, so when He died on the cross, he took all our sin upon himself so we would be free of sin.  He forgives our sins.  That is what is meant by Jesus saving us.
B: Back up.  What did you say?
Me: Jesus saves us.
B: No, what did you say before that?
Me: Jesus forgives our sins.
B: No, I mean, what did He do on the cross?
Me: He took our sins upon himself.
B: Yeah!  Why did he do that?
Me:  He did that so we would be free of sin, so our sins would be forgiven.
B: That was so nice of Jesus!
Me: It was, unbelievably nice.
B: Mommy, did Jesus take my sins away?
Me: If you want him to, he will forgive your sins.
B: How do I do that?
Me: You pray to ask Jesus to come into your heart and.......

B had already begun praying excitedly.  Little hands clasped and eyes squeezed shut.
"Dear God, please come into my heart!  Amen!"  Big grin on his face.

I was so proud and happy.  While I know his little boy mind doesn't completely grasp what God has done for us, it makes my heart soar to see him so excited and to appreciate the gift of God's eternal grace.  I continued to explain to him how we should confess our sins to God and ask his forgiveness.  That asking Jesus into his heart means he should do what God wants him to do.  This will be an ongoing conversation.  Reason number 582 that I love Jesus.  We are always learning and growing in Him.

Speaking of growing in Christ.  I'm giving up the internet for Lent.  I've been turning to it for advice, to let off steam, for entertainment, to ease mommy loneliness.  All the reasons, I should turn to God and His word.  So that is exactly what I'll do.  When I feel the urge to go online, I'll plug into prayer, bible study, journaling, and scripture learning.  I'm excited for this growth!


  1. We'll miss you! Hey, maybe I'll get to SEE you sometime soon! Call anytime you need to vent!

  2. Thank goodness Lent is almost over! I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of allergy testing B had? Feel free to email me if you have a chance.