Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not Good Science

A few months ago, I went to a traditional allergist because I was having a little difficulty breathing.  I thought, why take the hour long trip to B's allergist?  I'll just make the appointment in town.  I should have went to B's allergist.

I was waiting in the exam room when the Dr. walked in.  We'll call her Dr. V.  The first question she asked me was, "Would you like to get a flu shot?"  "No thank you," I replied.  She actually stuck her bottom lip out, and in a childish voice said, "Why? Are you scared?"  At that moment I knew this appointment was a mistake.  I explained to her that B reacted badly to his vaccines and we are cautious.

Then she asked me about allergies in the family.  I explained B's environmental and food allergies.  Some of his food allergies are IgE's or immediate response and some are IgG's or delayed response.  She looked me in the eye and said, "There's no good science in that (IgG's)."  I told her about B's tics and she said, "Every child tics."  I said, "Really, to the point of crying and making himself bleed?"  She replied, "Well, maybe not that bad."  I told her how removing the IgG's stopped the tics, sensory issues, bowel problems.  She continued to dismiss me.  Then finally said, "Well, if it works...." in a tone that expressed 'okay, whatever, you're obviously a little off your rocker.'

 I then may have invited her over to our house to watch B eat a piece of bread....or maybe that request took place in my head.

What Dr. V meant by 'not good science' was that it was not 'drug company funded' science.  If we can heal our children through diet, that means no profit for the drug companies.  And there is a push to discredit anything that would steer anyone in the direction of supplements and diet.

A drug company funded study tells me my child didn't stop ticking.  The drug companies tell me my child's constipation didn't go away.   The drug companies tell me its bad science that B can now tolerate loud noises.  The drug companies tell me I'm grasping at straws, seeing things that aren't really there.  The drug companies tell me my child's tantrums did not cease and should I put him on a well studied psychotropic drug instead.

Nine months ago, this was B.  He was just barely tolerating small pushes on his swingset: http://fortheloveofb.blogspot.com/2010/06/kicking-leaves.html
"Not good science" did that.  "Not good science" brought my son back.

After finding out I did not have asthma, Dr. V sat me down and told me it was all in my head.  That I couldn't breath because I was thinking about breathing too much.

Later, that week I went to the chiropractor.  My rib was out.  The doc put it back in place and I took a long, deep breath.  Only, well, I guess that couldn't have happened because chiropractic medicine is also not 'good science'.


  1. hey, Tiffiny, have you heard? the earth is flat too. people amaze me.

  2. I LOVE this post Tiffiny. Love, Love, Love! And, if your Dr. V is the same allergist that Tyler and Liam went to (who is also Dr. V) then I agree with you about "her". All she did for us if push test and A LOT of medicine. Ghesh. I hope you and B are doing well. Miss you.

  3. Tiffiny- this is exactly what I love about you! You KNOW what works and doesn't work for B and won't let anyone (including stupid doctors) tell you what or how to raise your children. I love reading about the progress you and B have made. What a great mom you are! B is lucky to have you!

  4. Ouch! I get the rib thing too. Have to be really careful about lifting and twisting at once.

    LOVE this post.

  5. Hi! I just came across your blog on FB and saw that you have mine listed on yours (The Light)! Well, this post resonates with me, I have sworn off all allopathic physicians b/c they just disgust me (sorry to anyone who reads this who is an allopathic physician - nothing personal!). We still see the pediatrician for check-ups. Anyway, I used to have asthma and it went away when I stopped eating dairy, just a thought. I will enjoy reading your blog in the future!!! Good work!