Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Midnight Conversations

"Mommy," whispers B, "I can't sleep in my room.  Can I snuggle you?"

It's a regular occurrence at our house.  It's almost midnight and B is wide awake.  He crawls into bed between his Daddy and I.

"Mom, how do they get pictures onto driver's licenses?"

"Well, first, you have to take a drivers test...."

"No, I mean how do the pictures get on the licenses?"

"Mommy, did you know crocodiles can't walk backward?.....I don't get tired like other people....Yawwwn."

"Sure, Bry.  You don't look tired at all."

"Mommy, can you scratch my back?  How do you get to be an astronaut?  Did you know that when a plant loses its color, it's running out of chloro....chlora....."


"Yeah, Chlorophyll."

"Mommy, I'm hungry.  Can I have a snack?"

"You may have some almonds or a banana.  Then, you really need to sleep."


"Mommy, I love you to the moon, to all the planets, around the Milky way, to all the stars and back."

"Bry, I love you even more than that."

More than he will ever know....or at least until his own children are kept awake by the wonders of this word.     B's body sometimes has a hard time settling down, especially in a flair.  For the most part we've ditched the melatonin in exchange for midnight heart to hearts.  Why not?  School time is adjustable and these moments will not last forever.  When God led us to homeschool, He knew.  I fought it tooth and nail, hating the thought of letting go those school day dreams I had for him (or were they for me?)  I wasn't making room in my mind for the blessings that were to come.  My heart is full of gratitude.  Tonight I will be thanking my Heavenly Father for His loving guidance and faithfulness.


  1. LOVE this post!!Cherish those moments!

  2. This is an awesome post. I love those late night conversations. They are the sweetest. In our home, they are often when the REAL meat and potatoes of communication happen. They are relaxed, not worried about anything else, and their minds really open up to what they are thinking and what I am saying. Sigh. Haven't had one in a while...now I want one. Can I borrow B?

    1. Sure. Come up for a visit and he'll be sure to share his knowledge with you. :)

  3. You're such a great mommy, T. :)