Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is It Worth It?

  Two blog posts in one night!  Apparently, I'm wordy this evening.  A few months ago...yes, months, I'm a lot behind on updates....we received some lab results for B.  One for an Organic Acids Test and the other, an ELISA food panel.

The OAT looks at intestinal yeast and bacteria.  The good bugs and the bad bugs.  B's came back looking very, very good for the first time ever.  This means healing.  This is big.  Dr. B said they were the best labs he'd seen all week, perhaps even all month.  Sometimes, I know people wonder if all this hard work is worth it.  The thought has crossed my mind on more than 145 occasions.  But the proof is in the labs.

For further proof, his ELISA food panel showed the healing that has taken place.  He lost many of his IgG intolerances.  Foods that once showed up as severe culprits (level 3) are now level ones, meaning we still have to be cautious but can rotate those foods.  B can now eat beef (grass fed and organic), coconut, gluten free oats, safflower oil, watermelon, peas, and lobster.  Not that we'll be taking him out for lobster any time soon. :)  There are a few more that I can't think of off the top of my head.  The addition of coconut, beef, and oats have really opened the door for us.  I don't feel like he's deprived of much and I can replicate most recipes with a few tweaks.  In fact, I'm having more stress over my IgE tomato allergy than I am over B's diet.  Oh, and the best part, we've been able to take him to some restaurants that cater to gluten free.  Cheeseburger In Paradise is his new favorite.  Partly because he loves french fries and mostly because it has a big revolving door that he loves go round and round and round and round  walk through.

The diet and hard work have been worth it.  Every hour spent in the kitchen, every tear, every stress, every critical comment, every dollar has led to the healing that is taking place in B.

I thank you so much for praying for B....more than you will ever know.  Please keep up the prayers.  We are seeing some very good things lately.  Less tics at the top of our list.  Less tics mean less brain inflammation.  Awesome.  In Florida, they were almost nonexistent.  They  are more prevalent now that we are back home.  It makes me wonder if there is something in our environment that is contributing.  Any PANDAS parents feel free to make suggestions.  We are stumped.  Still, he's better than he's been all year.  I can't tell you how much stress that relieves in all of us.  His urinary issues seem to be better.  He's not scared to be outside because he sees a bug (our big issue this summer).  In fact, he has a new fascination with bugs.  Just today, he called me outside to watch a spider spin a web, look at a busy "family of bugs" and asked me to identify a  bug laying on the sidewalk.  His reading is taking off, his focus on schoolwork has improved, and he's less stimmy. We are so excited about his progress.

The foods B eats are healing, made from scratch, whole foods.  It's kind of ironic that people point out how sad it is that he can't have 'insert food here.'  When, in fact, he is blessed...our whole family is, to have an abundance of foods that nourish his body.  His labs reflect that and so does his sweet, happy face.


  1. I was so glad when you told me about these results! Progress, such great progress. And, we LOVE Cheesburger in Paradise. Can B have sweet potatos? Liam can have their "chips" and loves them. We always get an order to go when we go there.

  2. I love this update! And I love your last paragraph the most!