Friday, August 19, 2011

So Long Corn....Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

We finally did it.  We kicked corn to the curb.  We've been meaning to do it for a while.  B didn't test allergic to corn a year and a half ago, but I began to suspect a corn allergy months (and months and months) ago.  But I dragged my feet.  Corn day was our easy day.  Breakfast was Gorrila Munch cereal (the only cereal he could have).  His favorite food is tacos.  When we traveled, he could have Ian's fish sticks, or turkey dogs, or chicken nuggets.  An easy snack was corn chips.  Ah....the only day that didn't require 'from scratch' preparation.  Do you see why I hesitated?  Very selfish on my part, but Oh those days were NICE!

The down side of corn day:  B would melt down, became aggressive, restless, and his plumbing didn't work quite right if you catch my drift.

We are 2 weeks corn free.  With the help of a newly purchased tortilla maker, we can have soft tacos!  I discovered he likes teff grain cooked as a hot cereal.  I can make chicken nuggets and freeze them for future use.  So far, B hasn't missed corn.

And.....his allergy shiners are disappearing!  His meltdowns have diminished!  His tics are decreasing.  Plumbing is normal.  I'm seeing less stimming.  He's not crashing into the couches.  He's doing great again!  I apologize for the 'blah' of my last post.  The answer was right under my nose.  Corn.....good riddance!  :)  Thank you for the prayers.


  1. GREAT news!! You are such good Momma to figure it out and go after it.....or get rid of it in this case!

  2. How is it going? Still seeing great results? You are awesome! A true warrior Mom.