Wednesday, September 29, 2010


After much, much, much, much, much, (nonstop really) prayer, we have made a decision I didn't think I'd make in a million years.  In fact, had somebody told me this 9 years ago as I sat through hours of class at my University, I would have laughed, out loud, for weeks.  Are you ready?  We are going to homeschool B.  Are you now laughing?  Are you concerned?  Are you going to call me in the morning with a "What are you thinking????"  You are not alone.   These thoughts are going through my mind as well.  Not as doubts, but as "Can I really do this?  What is God thinking?"  I'm a little (a lot) scared.  But I am also excited.  God has a perfect plan and I can't wait to see his blessings when we are obedient to Him.  Please know that:  a.) This is God's decision and it's the path we will follow unless He leads us in another direction.  b.) B has lots of interaction and with other children so don't worry.  We have more opportunities than we will even be able to commit to!  c.) We feel we are best able to provide him with the environment and guidance he needs to learn at this point in his life and development.  d.) I'm very new to this kind of life so support and encouragement would be awesome!  e.) We'll start with Kindergarten and reevaluate our decision (God's decision) each year.

Okay, I realize I look like I am defending this move and maybe I am a little.  God knows (boy does he know!) I've wrestled with this for months.  Soon, I will share everything that took us to this place because it is a great story of God's leading.  But not tonight...or this morning (Morning! Yikes!)  Tired mommies are not patient mommies.


  1. Awesome! I know when I sat in ed classes at KU I thought people who homeschooled didn't know enough good things about puclic schools and that I would NEVER homeschool! But it's almost like one of those things now that if you know too much (usually it's related to the field you work/worked in), you usually take another path. I know tons of nurses/docs who want to open their own midwifery or work for one. They know too much from working in the field and now they want to take another path. You not only have the field experience, but your son has some things going on that you know how to handle (probalby better than an overworked, underpaid teacher who will have 33 students in her class). Not that any of this matters--you are the mom and you know what is best for your son--only you (and Erik too). I wish you luck in your adventures! I hope you find all the support and resources you need :) I'll be interested in knowing how it goes for you all :)

  2. You will do great! I was of the "I am so going to mess up my kid" thought with our sons. But when your child looks at you and gets a lesson you have been attempting to teach, especially one you thought was never going to get through, you realize "boy, maybe I am not totally messing this up". I think you will be great!

  3. There is nobody better equipped to teach your child than YOU! I'm glad you've reached your decision. :-)
    ~Judy (teach6athome)

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence, girls! :D