Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Cheese....But a Little Whine

We took B to his DAN doctor yesterday.  I was really hoping he would tell us we could start adding some foods back into B's diet.  No such luck.  In fact, when I asked when we could begin this process, he said, "When he is college age."  I guess he's the expert, but part of me wants to get a second opinion.  I didn't intend for this blog to be a whine session, but today I feel I'll allow myself a little self indulgence.  This stinks.  I feel a little better.

B's hair analysis showed high levels of mercury and aluminum.  His tin levels were off the charts.  Where in the world could he be getting so much tin?  Even the Doc. was stumped. 

I came up with a new system for the rotation diet.  I really hope it works!  15 more years of the same food might drive us all crazy.  This system will allow for a variety of recipes.  

B's doctor said we could try palm shortening.  I thought it was off limits because of his coconut allergy.  If he can tolerate it, it will open the door to new wonderful things, like cookies!  Prayers for no reaction to this are greatly needed and appreciated!

The message at church today hit home.  The story was David and Goliath.  Pastor asked, "What do you do when faced with a challenge?  Do you focus on the challenge or do you focus on God?"  Perhaps today I have been focusing on the challenge.  Silly, when my God is so much bigger than this.  I've been staring at Goliath when God is the real giant. 

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  1. We can face the giants because of our Weapon. I picture the scene from "Facing The Giants" often (sometimes daily) in my mind when he finally had given it all to God, laid it before Him, and the father of the football player was talking behind his back for the first time after that. He walked up, confident, and stared him down, not saying a word. The giant began to fall at that very moment, it couldn't stand up to the God inside.

    Today was a day that the giant beat me down, and beat me down hard. I am talking HARD. I needed to read this post to get that mental picture back in my mind. I am going to build my brick wall and face the giants with God leading the way.