Friday, October 12, 2012


Support: To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.


PANDAS is the HARDEST thing we have ever had to go through.

When our medical decisions are questioned...When we are discussed without being present to answer questions...When assumptions are is weakened and so is our strength in fighting this thing.

Trust: Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

We have sat through readings of B's lab results.  We have read his medical file.  We have read every study/news story/book we can get our hands on concerning PANDAS/PANS.  We have talked to parents of children with PANDAS.  We collaborate with his physicians.  TRUST us enough to know this hard work is necessary and worth it.  Yes, it is hard.  Do you know what is harder?  Raising a child whose PANDAS is not under control.

Triumph: To be victorious or successful; win.

Our chances of triumphing over PANDAS greatly decrease without trust and support.  Please, ask questions.  Please learn about this disorder before forming an opinion of us and/or our medical choices.  B needs our support.  For us to be strong, we need yours.

Learn more by clicking these links:

To get a bigger picture of what B's lab results show, this graphic and descriptions under it mostly lines up with what we are seeing:

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