Friday, June 3, 2011

Banana Shakes

Holy meltdown Batman!  This evening was a little rough.  B is in his literal mode again.  Asking Jilly questions that he knows she will answer in a silly manner.
B: Do sharks live in the ocean?
 Jilly: No, they live on a plate.
B (enraged); NO!!! They live in the OCEAN!
Jilly: No, they live in toast.
B (screaming): NOOO!!! THEY. LIVE. IN. THE. OCEAN!!!!  Mommmm!  Jillian says sharks don't live in the ocean!

Random questions met with silly responses and followed by meltdowns a million times over.  B is having trouble focusing, his vocal tic is making a small appearance and the shoulder tic is back.  Add this to some spinning, hyperactivity, and chair crashing.  I'm thinking something is up.  Either A) He's just having a hard time adjusting to coming home after a week with Grandma.  B) He's eaten something that was 'contaminated' with an allergen.  C) He's developed a new allergy. D) He's about to come down with a virus.  Guess we'll wait and see.

I have been completely exhausted this week.  So tired that the thought of doing anything past 3 o'clock seems impossible.  Erik has been wonderful at keeping the dishes loaded and clean.  I'm wondering if a virus is about to strike....or maybe we're all having a little trouble adjusting to our week back home.  I apologize for not blogging more of the conference.  It was a busy time with activities late into the evening.  Hopefully Erik will blog more sessions soon.

I made the BEST EVER smoothie tonight!  B said it was a little sweet, but Jilly and I thought it tasted like a banana milkshake.  First, the almond butter needs to be prepared.

Almond Butter
1 c raw almonds
2 c water
Soak the almonds for 12 hours.  After they are soaked, dehydrated them.  Sounds backward, but soaking the almonds makes them easier to digest.  You could probably roast them instead of dehydrating them if you don't have a dehydrator handy.

Add dehydrated almonds to blender or food processor.  Blend.  If not sticking together, add palm shortening or coconut oil as needed.  Blend.  Add a touch of maple syrup if more sweetener is needed.

Banana "milk" Shake
1 1/2 bananas
almond milk (eyeball it)
a few icecubes
a big spoon full of almond butter

Blend.  Enjoy....and then sneak sips of your children's shakes while they are not looking :)


  1. Sorry you're so tired. I can only imagine how exhausted you are after last week, B's new tics and everything else life asks you to do. Those shakes sound good. I just love how you love your kiddos!

  2. Praying for B and the rest of your family.

    Those shakes sound wonderful! My oldest looooves bananas, but can't tolerate thick things. I may try a thing version of this for him.

    You're an awesome Mom, T! B is blessed to have you!

  3. I know those types of days. I heard an arguement this morning on the way to church over who saw a cow. Both did, but it freaked the other one out to think his brother might have also seen a cow. It meant he didn't if brother did. Yeah, fun times. Hugs to you sweet friend.

    That shake sounds yummy. We are suspicious of almonds (of course, he can have them on his diet and there are tons of almond products, so he's probably allergic, sigh), but if they prove innocent, I am sooo trying this one.