Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Calling All Mommies: I need some advice.....

We received B's recent labs in the mail today.  Frustrating.  His yeast has grown a lot.  I hate yeast.  Hate it.  This has made me realize that we can't let our guard down.  I thought the whole cooking for B was getting easier, but honestly, I think I've been more lax.  His labs are showing that.  I need to get radical cutting out sugar.  I'm at a loss for breakfast ideas.  One morning he can have eggs, the next almond milk and corn chex, but after that I don't know.  If pancakes, waffles, and muffins are out..I have no ideas.  Any ideas all you mommies out there dealing with yeast overgrowth in your kiddos?  Rice is out for us....

Another bump in the road: shoes.  B can't stand the feel of them on his feet.  He will tolerate swim socks, but it's November, and we need to progress.  He's growing out of most of his shoes, but every time we try on a new pair, he freaks out a little and yells, "Too tight!  Too tight!" even if they are sliding around on his feet.  Any suggestions here?

Winding down is getting harder, too.  He's having a rough time winding down to sleep.  Meaning he is doing gymnastics and shuttle runs back and forth across his room, staying awake in his bed, hearing every little sound.

This mommy's idea tank is empty.  It could be a lot worse and I'm thankful for B's progress.  He's just regressing a little.  I know some of you have super creative ideas....would you mind sharing? :)


  1. Wish I could help, but I can offer a prayer. Hope things improve again for you all!

  2. I know it is not necessarily winter appropriate but what about crocs? Have you tried no socks? What about slippers or moccassins? It could be the texture inside the shoe or the seams.

    For diet have you looked into ideas from the Daniel fast? Could you do some sort of smoothy?

  3. Thanks!

    We found shoes...okay snowboots, but they're weather appropriate, right? :)